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. it sounds high to me. green energy is expensive because we do not have the technology right now i think to certainly -- let's talk about wind power. it is very expensive to have the idea of wind power because you can still generate that energy much cheaper using coal. as we invest more and produce more here in ohio or elsewhere in the country, green energy costs will come down. ohio has tried to make its of a leader on the wind turbine, wind energy. there are programs in ohio that are trying to put stuff on lake erie but it is very expensive to get started. i think that is part of what we are limited on the green energy right now. host: a question on twitter from jim writes -- guest: i'm sure autoworkers will love that but there is a thing called tariffs that make those cars pretty expensive. they look at the ability to serve a market more directly and more cheaply than over in china. you almost have to have the reverse argument. we want to build cars here and china wants to build them their. host: another call on the line. sheila is waiting. caller: hello? well, i'll tell you what. rig
that this year as the technology changes it's pretty straightforward to go to a website and put in a cred card number. so the campaigns have followed that and that was successful for the obama campaign and continues to be this year. you can raise big contributions too. it's important to remember that direct contributions to the candidate are still limits. only $2500 per election so $5,000 per candidate. and there are prohibitions on who can give money to the candidates. unions are not permitted to make contributions. that's been the law for more than 40 years and it still is. they're about to spend their own money independently of the campaign if they want to but they can't make contributions. presidential candidates raise money at the national level. there are a loft of wealthy individuals who support them. so the obama campaign stands out in that respect a little bit. the caller is making another point which is that the money in this race this year has been much more focused in many respects on a small number of individual people. the attention in this spending is focused on a small number o
of ideologues in the political realm. the need to realize investments in basic technology and research can lead to economic development. an optimistic. politically, we have a great care around -- a great groudn game. i have 13-14 obama offices in my district alone. we have a huge weekend ahead of us are getting out the vote. a very mobilized and energized based. bill clinton has been here several times, joe biden, the president, etc. we will get the job done in the next few days. host: we're talking with democratic congressman tim ryan from ohio. if you want to ask him about the race in ohio or budget committee questions, the numbers are on your screen. we still have the line open for ohio residents. 202-585-3883. a couple of comments on twitter about the jobs numbers. another comment from james. your thoughts on those comments stocks -- on those comments? guest: know what is going does say they are satisfied and we should just quit doing what we are doing. who is able to take us from where we work, a whole that was dug with some ideological policies, blow a hole in the budget deficit, and the
on technology. this is kind of scary what we are basing it all on tonight. >> they may yet be right. in the case of the chicago newspaper, there were wrong. it still could be right, but they pulled back. >> in fairness to al gore making his concession phone call, he was probably listening to us. needed to win. is because if this state remainsyou will not know who carries the state of florida. it could go longer than that. host: that news clip points out a couple of things. first, the exit polling. all of the networks using andwe seem to get caught up in believing the exit polls, and they are not always accurate. guest: the exit polls were not being used to call the election in florida. the election was so close that be used because they had organization that actually executes the exit poll was using actual election results. they were basing their forecast models out of how much was left to be counted in florida. but we have seen in past patterns of of voting. one county misreported. suddenly, all of these a very narrow models were saying, we are in recount, we will not be able to call the electi
responders. we have state of the art technology in the 911 emergency equipment. we've got all of that at our disposal. but i do believe, i said mom, we have to let the states get a mandate of what they need with eyes on the ground and let them handle the first responders and when it first happens within the first few days or weeks and if this turns into a long-term disaster like the fires we had in california and earthquakes, then the federal government has established itself and can start putting its boots on the ground so to speak. but for the american people to blame the government lake blame bush -- like blame bush, the state should take care of it in the beginning. host: that is how it works right now according to a pest in the "washington post." he says that local and state officials respond to disasters and make requests of the federal for additional supplies or money only when need needed. reforms allow them to make requests in advance it make sure federal officials are on the ground to assist with assessments a under more quickly to washington for help. it quotes president obama and
and new technologies that are coming on line as we involved our energy exploration efforts. here in colorado we have what is similar to the balkan information. all down the front range as were the niobrara a formation is. i think god will -- i think that will motivate some orders to turn out. -- i think that will motivate some voters to turn out. you'll still see a gravitation with the folks in the suburbs where there are high-paying jobs. host: one of the many aspects colorado is see in, it is playing in that state as well as other battle ground states is from the body -- the obama campaign. [video clip] >> pluribus to close to call. >> the difference between what was and what could have been. this year, if you are thinking that your vote doesn't count, that it won't matter, back then, there were probably at least 537 people that felt the same way. make your voice heard. vote. host: is that having an impact? guest: you know, it is a great advertisement. it is driving right to the heart of what president obama needs to throw colorado, but also the about brown states. it is to get
. but these cars and oil burning equipment. they should be made more efficient. you cannot use the technology that you are using 100 years ago. and have oral burning equipment -- lyders said one oil was $5 a gallon. -- like i said. host: what about nuclear power? some critics believe it is dangerous, others believe that could replace fossil fuels. caller: 13 of nuclear plants 50 miles from where i live at. -- there are two nuclear plants. coal is hazardous to your help. unless they come up with a way to burn it cleaner. it is just dirty. host: here is the new york times and nuclear power. excuse me, the wall street journal. reactors at three of the points remained at of service tuesday. a plant in new jersey lost grid electricity forcing it to rely on a backup generator. the reactor, the oldest still operating in the united states, already was shut down for refueling. they said 36 of the 43 sirens intended to alert a nearby communities at the plants were not working. that is what happened at the nuclear power plants because of this storm. early snow pummels west regina, story. the superstorm
it -- it was a hunch. when it happened to us, it was based on technology. it is kind of scary what we are basing this on tonight. >> they may yet be right to enter the case of the chicago tribune, and they were wrong but. it still could be right. they pulled a back. >> a denture fairness to our core, he was probably listening to us. >> he and his people. no doubt about it. florida's electoral votes, look at the map. the reason florida is and why it is because this state remains undecided as of this hour. a recount has been ordered. we will not know who carries the state of florida. it is completely and decisive for a number of hours. >> you remember so well what happened 12 years ago. it did go to the supreme court. one of the closest elections with al gore winning the popular vote and george bush won in the electoral college vote. what if that happens again in 2012? caller: i am just glad the question -- most of the calls the, and. host: joining us from pine bluff, arkansas. is -- what happens next if there is an election dispute? caller: they have to be sure they are ready for recounting. here
show the majority of americans are pro-life. their understanding because of technology analyst taken place that this is in fact a human life. and over the last 40 years come jan. we have seen a 55 million americans on born americans lost their lives and abortion and i think americans are ready to change that. host: question about marriage, he asks, or american homosexuals not entitled to the pursuit of happiness? what if american is noa part of that pursuit? guest: when we have the right to pursue happiness, it is to report that is not infringe upon someone else's. and as i have stated clearly, what we have seen since the introduction and early on a through the courts, the mandated recognition of same-sex marriage, we have seen a change in our curriculum, and our public schools where parents have no control over what their children are taught. we have seen religious organizations that have lost their standing because they refuse to recognize and allow their facilities, their worst of facilities to be used for same sex unions. so, this is not just about two individuals or three that o
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9